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Easysteam ES MINI is the most evolved, compact and flexible solution for steam humidification of any environment. The integrated electronic control permits to configure and optimize the humidifier on the basis of customer's specific requirements and to guarantee its long-lasting thanks to diagnostic routines. Stainless steel removable front cover and the openable cylinder permit a rapid and simple maintenance. The full range of models and accessories satisfy all installation requirements.

Pego Electrode steam humidifiers ES MINI





Steam/humidity generator for industrial plants, offices, civil facilities, call centres, hotels, museums and bookshops, technological or medical facilities, tobacco industry, food industry, seasoning, wood industry, paper mills, printing industries and steam rooms.

Main characteristics
Electrodes steam humidifiers.
Single-phase power supply versions with steam producing up to 3 kg/h.
Three-phase power supply versions with steam producing up to 6 kg/h.
Master/slave humidifiers management (up to 6 units) to reach steam productions up to 36 kg/h.
Structure in stainless steel, painted steel and polypropylene.
Easily interchangeable and openable cylinders with galvanized steel electrodes, limestone filter on the bottom, maximum level sensor and connector connections.
Solenoid valve for water charging.
Tough and reliable drain pump.
"Smart production for low conductivity" function; the humidifier automatically regulates the percentage of steam production based on the conductivity of the water.
Available cylinders for low conductivity water (minimum conductivity limit 125 µs/cm).
Integrated electronic control.
Arrangement for fan unit power supply.
Management of second duct humidity probe to avoid condensation in the air duct.
Kit dedicated to replace only the electrodes.
Large accessories range.


Electronic control
Featuring numerous parameters and an user-friendly display, the EASYSTEAM controller allows precise setting of humidifiers performance. Thanks to the high number of available variables it is possible to personalize humidifier functioning on the basis of customer requirements.
Eight operating modes can be set among which ON/OFF from external contact, proportional with built-in humidistat and 4-20mA or 0-10V probe, proportional with external 0-10V signal. Built-in thermostat ON/OFF. BMS control via Modbus.
Duct probe management.
Optimised use for steam baths thanks to the built-in temperature control, essence management, inlet and exhaust fan control.
Settable with maximum capacity.
Proportional regulation of steam dispensing from 20% to 100%.
Steam dispensing reduction from digital input.
Programmable automatic drainage when not used.
Management of up to 6 humidifiers in battery with master/slave configuration.
Humidifier operating hour meter.
Maximum level sensor management.
Control console with large display and status icons for reading and programming work data remotely up to 100 m away with a simple phone cable.
Diagnostics for problems identifying or maintenance need.
Serial RS485 connection with Modbus protocol.






Dimension (mm)
320x447x193 320x447x193
Empty weight 8 Kg 8 Kg
Working weight 11,5 Kg 11,5 Kg
Steam production 3 Kg/h 6 Kg/h
Electrical power supply 230V 50 Hz 400V 3/N 50 Hz
Power 2 kW 4,5 kW
9 A 6,5 A
Electronic control CONSOLLE NANO + MASTER HUM2
Power supply control
230V 50/60 Hz
Steam connector
25 mm 25 mm
Water charging connection 3/4"G male
3/4"G male
Water discharge connection 32 mm 32 mm
Number of cylinders 1 1
Water pressure 1-10 Bar
Limits of water's hardness
160-450 mg/l CaCO3 160-450 mg/l CaCO3
Conductivity of water
250-1300 µS/cm 250-1300 µS/cm
Pego Electrode steam humidifiers ES MINI
Pego Electrode steam humidifiers ES MINI


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